1. AR-App



Download the GranataPet augmented reality app for free in the App Store or in the Google Play Store. You don't need a customer account to use the app and you don't have to enter any personal data. Simply scan the left App Store code and the right Google Play Store code to find and download the app. 

To start the animation, you need at least Android version 5.1 or iOS11 for Apple devices.


You can start the animation by scanning either our Snack Attack products (for the dog animation) or a product from the DeliCATessen range (for the cat animation). If you don't have a GranataPet product at hand, just click on "scan without markers". 

The animation has a touch function. If you move the GranataPets with one finger, you can change their position and turn them around, with two fingers you can drag them bigger or smaller. 


Every month we raffle off a large gourmet package with your favourite products among all participants of the competition. To enter the competition, simply take your personal photo or video in the app and post it on Facebook or Instagram. 

We will raffle off the gourmet package among all posted pictures that link to our account. You can find the terms and conditions for the raffle here. 

Our food - your opinion #granatapet