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Natural Taste Edler Snack


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  • 90 g
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made in Switzerland
WITH pomegranate seeds
NO grain
NO added sugar
High meat content
Exclusively muscle meat & high-quality offal.
Pomegranate seeds
Rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, high content of bioactive natural antioxidants.
Without animal testing!
Without animal testing!

Complementary feed for dogs

deer meat 86 %, vegetable by-products 12 %, pomegranate seeds 1 %, mineral nutrients 1 %

protein 30,3 %, fat content 14,3 %, crude ash 5,2 %, crude fibre 7,8 %, moisture content 18 %

calcium phosphorus ratio:
calcium 0,96 %, phosphorous 0,89 %

As a snack for in between

Commitment to quality

We have the claim to offer a species-appropriate and nature-oriented nutrition for dogs and cats. Therefore all our products are without grain.
NATURAL TASTE Edler Snack is the special treat for in between. Whether as a reward, as an incentive or as a small snack during a walk - with this delicacies you spoil your dog healthy and tasty.
The products are all developed by us without animal testing and manufactured in Austria. The gentle air-drying process ensures that the ingredients retain their natural vitamins and nutrients.
for your darling!
for your darling!

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