1. Avoid hazards for your puppy

Avoid hazards for your puppy

Share on 2019-02-02

Puppies are incredibly curious and want to discover their world, so that your new family member can do this without danger, there are some important rules to follow:

  • Power cables, cleaning products, plant fertilisers, poisonous plants and even the good-smelling sweets should be removed from the reach of your puppy. These will otherwise be nibbled or in the worst case even eaten.

  • The garden and balcony must be escape-proof.

  • Get yourself a closed garbage can, puppies are world champion in sticking and do not shy away from garbage.

  • Secure stairs, preferably with a baby gate, so that your little one does not fall down. Also the uncontrolled running up and down stairs should be avoided, the strain on the not yet grown joints is very high and can lead to problems of the locomotor system in adults.

  • A safe stand, your whole furniture should be safe, because the puppy likes to rage through the whole flat and can bump into one or the other piece of furniture.

  • When walking your puppy on the street, make sure he is on a leash and a well-fitting harness. A puppy often makes unexpected movements, with a collar you have too much effect on the cervical spine in case of an abrupt jerk and also the danger of slipping out is higher with a collar.

  • Freewheel, if you would like to let your puppy run free, please make sure that there are no roads in the vicinity. For security we recommend a towing line, here your puppy has a large free space, but you can always influence him thanks to the long leash.

  • Playing with other dogs, there are also a few important things to consider. When playing, the puppy should not wear a harness, because the other dog can get tangled up in it. Also the play partner should have an appropriate size/weight in relation to your puppy, because quickly the puppy is overrun unintentionally, this can have devastating consequences if the weight difference is too big. Always have an eye on your puppy. Is the game balanced? If it becomes too much for your little one and you recognize signs of stress and overstrain in your puppy, get him out of the situation. Don't leave him to his fate, otherwise there is the danger that your pup learns to regulate everything himself and possibly snaping towards the other dog is the only solution for his discomfort.

As you can see, there is a lot to look out for a puppy, but if you follow the rules listed here, your new family member will have a great start in his new life together with you.