1. How to train your dog sit

How to train your dog sit

Share on 2018-05-23
There are some basic commands that a dog should be able to master safely. One of them is the command "Sit".

This is how you teach your dog to sit

Before each training session you should provide yourself with enough treats, dry food croquettes or another tasty snack.
At the beginning, hold the treat about 50 cm in front of your dog's mouth and slightly above his head. Under no circumstances should he catch the reward morsel. Now you can move the treat a bit further towards your dog and at the same time lead it upwards. Your four-legged friend should follow the treat. Do not hold the treat too high so that he does not jump and not too low so that he cannot reach it. Your dog will probably sit down by itself now. If he jumps or walks backwards after the treat, you should take the treat away briefly with a stop command, for example "Pity", and start again from the beginning.

If your quadruped has sat down, say the command "sit" once. Then you should praise him and give him the treat. Before your dog can cancel the command "sit", you should give him the command "free" or "OK". In this way you ensure that your dog continues to carry out the "Sit" command until you cancel the command by means of the override command.

Repeat this process over and over again until the command works smoothly, even without a treat.

The basic rule is: You should have patience with the animal in all commands. Some dogs learn faster, others need a little more time to understand what is required of them. The exercise units should not take too long, even a dog can only concentrate to a limited extent.

Tip: Include a training session as an integral part of every walk.