1. Getting the dogs used to each other - this is how it works!

Getting the dogs used to each other - this is how it works!

Share on 2019-01-15
You ask yourself how your four-legged friend should get used to another dog? We will help you and your darling will have a new playmate in no time.

Getting to know each other through the nose

With the favourite blanket and toys of the dogs, they can get to know each other with there nose, without seeing each other. Through this the dogs get used to the smell of the other one and also the mixing of the two smell components, contributes to the fact that the dogs gets the smell of the other one as familiar.

Deliberate separation

For both dogs there should be separate feeding bowls, sleeping places and toys. Nevertheless, the dogs should be fed together - always under supervision and at a distance. In addition, attention and private play time must be equally distributed to both. Also, the dogs should stay in separate rooms during the introduction phase when they are unattended. 

The first contact

Getting to know each other for the first time is smoother if the territory is neutral and outdoors. Each animal should be accompanied by a direct contact person who gives the dog peace of mind. Now go for a walk with the leashed dogs in a relaxed manner, because exercise reduces stress. Your dogs are free to decide whether they want to get in contact with the other dog, but always orientate yourself to the needs of the reserved dog, otherwise it can happen that the dog feels oppressed. 

Contact Failed

If the first meeting was negative, the animals must continue to have brief contact with each other until the mood changes. This phase can last for several weeks. One possibility is to walk the animals side by side with sufficient distance without forcing the direct contact. After a few days of walking together, direct contact can be resumed.