1. Basic equipment for cats: What you need!

Basic equipment for cats: What you need!

Share on 2019-02-12
Congratulations to your new family member!

Before your kitten moves in with you, you should equip yourself with the most important things. We have summarized these things in a list for you.

This belongs to the initial equipment for your cat:

  • At least 2, better 3-4 bowls (reserve, cleaning!) for food and water
  • Cat toilet and cat litter, shovel for cleanin
  • Duvet/pillow/bed/basket for a comfortable place to sleep and rest
  • Toys
  • Transport containers (one for each cat)
  • Cat food (wet/dry food, treats)
  • Scratching board, scratching and climbing tree, with caves and hiding places
  • Tick tongs (for outdoor cats)
  • Comb/brush/skin care equipment
If your four-legged friend has arrived with you, whether it is a kitten or an adult cat, you should consider that the new environment is still unfamiliar to your new roommate. Give her time to get used to the new home.

And one more important note: Don't forget that tilted windows are a great danger for cats.

We wish you a nice time getting to know each other and lots of fun with your new friend!