1. The first day in the new home - your kitten moves in!

The first day in the new home - your kitten moves in!

Share on 2019-04-21
Finally the time has come - your cat moves in with you!

You have certainly made your kitten's new home "cat-safe" before you arrived. This means: Valuable items should be brought to safety and "little things" lying around which kittens could playfully swallow should be safely stored. Household chemicals such as cleaning agents should be kept out of the reach of cats and pointed objects/corners should be covered. 

A checklist with all the things you need for your kitten's moving in can be found here

Already during transport you can contribute significantly to the fact that your pelt-nose feels comfortable. Cover the bottom of the box with a soft blanket and if possible add an object (e.g. your favourite toy) from your old home. This way the box smells familiar and it is easier for the cat to relax. In addition, you should never put the transport box in the trunk or alone on the back seat. In the best case you drive with a second person, so that he or she can talk to the cat during the ride and give him or her a sense of closeness and security while you concentrate on driving. A calm driving style, where the box is not flung around, goes without saying.

You can also cover the box with a cloth, some cats find this soothing. Try to pay attention to how the cat reacts to what and to accommodate it with your behaviour. Do you have the feeling that your cat needs closeness and does not want to sit alone in the dark box? Then leave the cloth off and stroke her through the box. Or do you think your cat needs time for itself and a lot of rest? Then place the basket close to you or your companion, but do not touch the cat at first. 

And then they say... 

...leave time! Cats hate hectic and stress. Of course everyone wants to cuddle and pet the little kitten, but you will get plenty of opportunities to do so. First of all your cat wants to recover from the transport. Very slowly and bit by bit the kitten wants to get to know and love all the other cats, whether they are other pets or people. During the first exploratory tour your kitten does not want to be disturbed.

It can happen - especially with cats from animal protection or adult cats who are used to a different environment for a long time - that your cat hides under or behind a piece of furniture for a long period of time. The most important thing to remember in this case is not to exert pressure by trying to pull or push the cat out. It is better to lure him with food - preferably treats - and give him enough space by leaving the room and not waiting "lurking" in front of the furniture. 

Our tip: Leave your new roommate enough space and time to explore his new home on his own.

We wish you a good start with your kitten!