1. Safe driving with your dog

Safe driving with your dog

Share on 2018-06-24
We all want to take our four-legged friends everywhere we go. But if you are travelling by car there are some things you have to pay attention to, so that your dog is really safe.

Safety belt

With seat belt and harness you can strap your dog directly to the seat. Please note that you are buying a high quality harness specially designed for driving by car, as normal harnesses cannot withstand the enormous load during braking. Also make sure that the harness is not too loose, otherwise your pet will be thrown against the seat at high speed. This can be very painful even at low speed. Therefore the buckle must be very tight, which greatly restricts your dog's natural movement. Some dogs might have difficulty getting used to this cramped situation.

Seperating grid

Protected by a separating grid, the space can be used for the transport of your four-legged friend. Getting in is easier because the entrance has a large opening and can be equipped with familiar items such as a blanket or toy. However, due to the large radius of movement, your dog can injure himself badly when braking abruptly. In addition, the grid does not stop your dog from flying into the front room if it is not sufficiently anchored.


The transport box offers your four-legged friend a protected space, which shields him from the stimulus satiation of the car journey and takes away the excitement. The version permanently installed in the boot is made of metal and provides additional protection for your dog in rear-end collisions. If the box is not permanently installed, it should be additionally secured with straps. It can be used in advance as a sleeping box, so that your four-legged friend is already familiar with it. The ADAC safety test certifies the transport box the best protection for your pet as well as for yourself.