1. How to get your puppy house trained - 6 tips

How to get your puppy house trained - 6 tips

Share on 2019-04-02
Dogs are clean animals and even puppies already have a tendency not to contaminate their home. The house-cleanliness of a puppy is therefore only a question of time and discipline. With these six tips, your puppies will also become house-trained - without much effort:

  1. When does a puppy actually have to go out?
    There are certain situations after which you should always let your puppy out. That would be after sleeping, eating and playing so you can avoid many accidents.

  2. Getting to know your own dog
    Puppies play out a certain pattern of behaviour before they do their business. It is therefore worthwhile to identify character-typical behaviour and postures that herald a need for relief. If you know your dog well, you can rescue both of you from the door at an early stage.

  3. Creating routine
    Especially in the first few weeks when you are house-training your puppy, it is worthwhile to go outside at regular intervals and slowly increase the time span. Additionally you can teach your puppy a command where he knows when and where he should do his business.

  4. Avoid distraction
    For puppies it is important to discover the world. Distracted by the new environment, many young dogs forget to concentrate on emptying their bladders. It is therefore important that the chosen place of release is as uninteresting as possible for the puppy and offers few stimuli..

  5. Successes Praise, pass over misfortunes
    Like small children, puppies do not yet have conscious control over their digestion. You should never blame your puppy for an accident, because he can't attribute the angry reaction to you. However, if he does his business as intended when he's out for a walk, this learning effect should be reinforced by generous praise - you'll be helping your puppy to become house-trained.

  6. Limit sleeping place
    At night it is helpful to let your puppy sleep in a box, as he will not contaminate his own sleeping place in principle. If he makes himself noticed, there will be enough time to carry him outside or to a provided litter box full of earth where he can relieve himself.

    As you can see it is not so difficult to get the puppy house trained with the right tips!