1. Important to know before your puppy moves in

Important to know before your puppy moves in

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Before the long-awaited puppy moves in, there are a few things to consider so that you have a perfect start in your life together.

Puppy starter kit

In a dog household there are some things that should not be missing in any case:

  • Harness, collar, leash, drag line and a light collar for the dark season.

  • At least two bowls, for food and water.

  • The right food, whether dry or wet, here you will find a large selection of our products, with the perfect composition for your puppy.

  • Treats, a puppy has a lot to learn, the right treats are the perfect motivation.

  • A bed/pillow/blanket for sleeping and resting. Remember that your puppy is still growing and may even nibble on his bed. The bed should be placed in a place where your dog can rest well, but where he does not feel alone.

  • Toys, ideal  specially designed for dogs, so there are no small parts that your pup can swallow. Attention with tennis balls, their material is like sandpaper for dog teeths.

  • Tick forceps

  • Brush and comb (depending on coat length)

  • Shampoo

  • Non-fiction and specialist literature


Especially with puppies that are still growing, it is very important to pay attention to a balanced diet. In this respect, Granatapet pet food is the perfect choice for your pet. Granatapet puppy food has a composition specially designed for puppies, the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is 1.3:1, which promotes optimal bone development.

Very important! Please follow the feeding recommendations on our package, through too large amounts of food your puppy receives too much energy, this energy is immediately fed into the growth of puppies, the result: your puppy grows too fast and the not yet sufficiently mineralized bones and the joints can be damaged.

When it comes to the question of how often your puppy should be fed, it is advisable to start with 3-4 meals a day, after a few weeks you can easily switch to twice a day.

In addition, your puppy should of course always have sufficient fresh water available.


When your puppy moves in with you he should be at least 8 weeks old and already be dewormed, chipped and vaccinated at least once, this vaccination is only the first part of the so-called basic immunization, the vaccination must be repeated with 12 weeks together with rabies and even with 16 weeks it goes again to vaccinate, then your puppy has a year's rest before the vaccinations.

A puppy should never leave his mum and siblings before the eighth week!

And beware of so-called "multipliers", who usually offer pure breed puppies at low prices, the big problem is that these pups are almost always too young and usually seriously ill, so that you end up leaving more money at the vet than you saved when you bought them.

The puppy moves in

When your new family member moves in, please remember that he has just lost everything he was used to, his mum, siblings, breeder, so it is important that you let the little one arrive at your home first. He should have time to explore the apartment and if not already done in advance to get to know you better. Give him security and closeness, a blanket that is based on his mom and siblings, can help. 

Visitors who absolutely want to get to know the puppy are taboo in the first days, for this there is still enough time in the following weeks.

In advance you should also make your house "puppy-safe", important tips are in our article: "How to avoid sources of danger for your puppy".