1. New Years Eve with dog: Tips for a relaxed night

New Years Eve with dog: Tips for a relaxed night

Share on 2017-12-27
Many dogs suffer from the loud and crashing noises on New Year's Eve, are jumpy and would like to hide under the table. How can you make this day as pleasant as possible for your darling? We have summarized the most important tips for you so that you and your dog can start the new year as relaxed as possible.

Taking a walk on New Year's Eve?

Especially on the day before New Year's Eve it is very important that your dog is physically and mentally busy. For this purpose, an extensive walk in the morning is ideal. Please note the following:

  • Avoid firecrackers and rockets and choose a quiet environment for the walk with your dog.
  • Make sure that your dog is leashed, that the collar, even better the harness and the leash are tight.

The right room for your dog

On New Year's Eve, take your dog to a room that is as quiet as possible and can be darkened by flares. Your dog should feel comfortable there and be able to relax well. Pay attention to the following points:

  • Best possible isolation from external stimuli and the noise level of the fireworks (keep shutters and windows closed, turn on music or the TV)
  • Provide your dog with his favourite things (e.g. toys, blanket, food).
  • Distraction can help, offer him a chew bone or keep him busy with little commands or tricks.
  • If your dog has a special place of refuge that he likes to visit on his own, it should always be freely accessible. Try not to drive him out of his hiding place. As soon as he feels safe again, he will come out on his own.

The correct handling of the dog on New Year's Eve

Animals should not be left alone on New Year's Eve. Even excessive and unnatural attention does not help dogs to cope with the fear situation. It is best to behave as usual so that the day runs as normally as possible. Observe the following behaviour patterns:

  • Be relaxed yourself, because when you are relaxed, it is usually also your animal. So do not encourage your dog in his fear.
  • Avoid exaggerated attention by addressing, stroking, intensive looking.
  • Sit next to your dog, read a book or eat something that has a calming effect on your four-legged friend.

Observe the behaviour of the dog on New Year's Eve

Every dog reacts differently to noises and unknown situations. Therefore, it is important that you observe your dog well on New Year's Eve to feel what he needs at the moment. Is he looking for closeness or would he rather be left alone? Be sensitive to your dog's behaviour!

We wish you a nice and relaxed turn of the year and many nice hours with your furry friend in the new year.