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wellbeing concept

wellbeing concept

cell protection cell protection

High quality nutrition can strengthen the immune system's defenses. The pomegranate seeds (polyphenols) naturally act as antioxidant cell protection. Free radicals can be trapped and neutralized, which acts as a preventative measure against the aging process. Minerals and spirulina algae help strengthen the immune system.

skin + fur skin + fur

The skin with her coat is an important organ and serves as a protective coat. Natural omega-3 fatty acids (from salmon oil), biotin and zinc ensure optimal care. Good protection to the outside and a shiny coat are features for a top appearance and the feel-good factor.

bones + joints bones + joints

Healthy joints are the prerequisite for perfect mobility in all situations. An ideal calcium / phosphorus ratio and the green-lipped mussel (glucosamine / chondroitin) ensure a strong bone and joint structure as well as an intact and functional joint system.

intestine + digestion intestine + digestion

The stomach and intestines are the headquarters for nutrient and drug utilization. Much of the immune system is here. Prebiotic ingredients, FOS and inulin from chicory favor a healthy intestinal flora. The deliberate avoidance of cereals prevents corresponding food intolerances and negative digestion.

heart + muscle heart + muscle

A strong heart and moving muscles need to be supplied with oxygen and food. L-carnitine, taurine and micronutrients (including iron) provide a vital heart / muscle system. The whole thing is upgraded by an easy digestibility and a harmonious energy / protein ratio.

cell protection
skin + fur
heart + muscle
bones + joints
intestine + digestion

the pomegranate is known for millenias as the “fruit of life”

good for:

  • cells and tissue
  • heart & circulatory system
  • nerves, eyes and much more…

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