1. dog

For your canine companion

As a playmate, helper or protector – your dog is part of the family. Our pet food provides your canine companion with everything they need for a long, healthy and happy life. We are guided in this by dogs’ natural and species-appropriate nutritional requirements.
Beef with carrot Beef with carrot
Pork with herbs Pork with herbs
Salmon with tomato Salmon with tomato
poultry poultry
angus beef & pumpkin angus beef & pumpkin
turkey & coney Junior/Puppy  turkey & coney Junior/Puppy
duck & goose  duck & goose
pheasant & poultry  pheasant & poultry
poultry & Italian ham poultry & Italian ham
chicken & pumpkin chicken & pumpkin
chicken & parsnips  chicken & parsnips
veal & coney  veal & coney
veal & lamb  veal & lamb
salmon & turkey  salmon & turkey
lamb & potato  lamb & potato
NEW lamb & chicken hearts  NEW lamb & chicken hearts
beef & pheasant  beef & pheasant
fish & poultry fish & poultry
venison & angus beef  venison & angus beef
venison & salmon  venison & salmon
venison ragout & beef  venison ragout & beef
poultry poultry
horse horse
beef beef
venison venison
mixed pack 2 mixed pack 2
duck & goose duck & goose
chicken & prawns chicken & prawns
veal & coney veal & coney
salmon & turkey salmon & turkey
lamb & potato  lamb & potato
venison & angus beef  venison & angus beef
duck & trout duck & trout
poultry poultry
salmon & turkey salmon & turkey
lamb lamb
venison & buffalo venison & buffalo
lamb lamb
chicken junior chicken junior
duck sensitive duck sensitive
fish sensitive fish sensitive
chicken chicken
lamb lamb
turkey senior turkey senior
salmon oil salmon oil
lamb lamb
fish fish